Hey, my name’s Alex and I’m starting up a new campaign here in Kansas City. It will be based on the campaign concept of Ben Robbin’s West Marches, my campaign.

The “East Marches” (I am very creative), is a 5th Edition (formerly D&D: Next) adventure for Dungeons and Dragons. It is very much going to be a sandbox setting of gradual increasing difficulty punctuated by small enclaves of higher challenges. My campaigns are lethal, because I believe that combat is not something that should be taken lightly, however, this does not mean that combat will be infrequent. The start will probably be quite rough, but that is intended.

The party will start out in a small, nondescript town called Haven, in the North East of the continent of Mydum. They have been shipped to this region because they were convicted of a crime by the Ulth Imperium, and given a choice: go to the north east, and map the territory in the vast, dangerous, and unexplored East Marches (as a sort of penal exploratory corps), or be executed. After that, they will be expected to make their own way in the world. There will be no town adventures – adventure can only be found in the wilderness.


1. There will be no regular party. Whoever shows up on game day, plays. Maybe later I will implement a limit to the number of players in one day, but I don’t really see that being a problem.

2. There will be no overarching plot. The party will choose their own destiny. There will be no Duke sending the party on a fetch quest for the holy MacGuffin.

3. People who want to roll a new character will start at the average party level minus one (minimum of one).

4. Time/Place: for now, my place, Tuesday at 6:30pm

Kansas City D&D - East Marches